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Our Mission is to ignite transformative growth in individuals and teams, empowering them to reach their fullest potential and achieve excellence in their professional, personal, and community endeavors. 



At Taiga, We Elevate Performance Through Integrated Learning


Our programs are designed for ambitious individuals, teams, and organizations committed to reaching new heights in leadership and performance. We deliver high-impact experiences through a unique blend of:


• Cutting-edge leadership and team performance theories
• Appreciative inquiry methodologies
• Multi-dimensional, adult-centered facilitation
• Powerful experiential and adventure-based learning
• Advanced individual and team profiling tools
• Real-world lessons from 20+ years in business and adventure


This integrated approach creates an engaging, relevant, and transformative learning experience designed to resonate deeply with you, your business, and your life. At Taiga, we don't just teach – we inspire, challenge, and empower you to excel.

Mick Lautt B.R.S.

Mick is a seasoned leadership expert and founder of Taiga Consulting, based on the edge of Riding Mountain National Park in Western Manitoba.


For over three decades, Mick has dedicated his career to unlocking human potential through innovative leadership and team development programs.


Blending traditional best practices with experiential learning, Mick's approach has transformed individuals across diverse spheres - from at-risk youth to corporate executives, athletes to entrepreneurs. His expertise spans business and community development, appreciative inquiry, conflict resolution, team performance, entrepreneurship, and outdoor adventure.


A lifelong learner and community advocate, Mick has founded multiple successful businesses and community groups, instructed at the University level, and actively volunteers in various initiatives. His commitment to personal growth is reflected in his love for outdoor adventures, including kayaking, mountain biking, and exploring nature with his family.


Mick's unique fusion of business acumen, outdoor expertise, and passion for human development continues to inspire and empower clients to achieve breakthrough results in their professional and personal lives.

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