Discovery and Teambuilding

For boards, staff, management, and executive teams, our programs are customized to match your goals and the phase of development that your team is currently experiencing.

  • New teams need to develop healthy, strong relationships and gain clarity around values and culture, roles, process, and purpose.
  • Teams experiencing low trust, unhealthy conflict, a lack of alignment and commitment, or poor accountability have the opportunity to work through these common challenges and develop into a high performing unit, with a clear path going forward. 
  • Established, high performance teams need to identify effective behaviors, celebrate strengths, maintain performance strategies, and challenge status quo.

The following programs include best practice and team performance theory content, and use experiential learning modules as appropriate. We offer several effective solutions:

DISCOVERY SERIES - an investment in your success!

Our Discovery series involves a highly customized process that supports teams doing the hard work vital for them to breakthrough to the next level of performance. Whether digging deep into conflict issues, aligning culture, or developing team behavior protocols, we will effectively engage your team and support you through this challenging and exciting process. Our job is to help you to work better together, to create solutions that will lead to your success. 


Most Discovery programs we design are multiphase and include the following progressive elements:

  • Exploratory Meetings - We ask a lot of questions and listen. You identify the need, share the big picture, and together we target desired outcomes. 
  • Concept Introduction - Our first team meeting - we will engage your team to set expectations, clarify purpose, process, and roles, introduce training content, and co-design next steps. This provides the facilitator / client relationship foundation that is needed to engage with a sense of clarity, trust, and commitment. 
  • Appreciative Audit - We seek to understand and make sense of your perceptions and your reality. We conduct appreciative inquiry interviews, use behavioral and team profiling, data mine, and ask for stakeholder engagement. We recognize strengths, identify problems, clarify vision, and invite solutions and commitment. 
  • Solution Design - Once we have analyzed our audit findings, we take the lead in customizing next steps, determining training content, designing team processes, and suggesting program formats.
  • Team WORK - The program is typically delivered off site. We create a safe atmosphere and a powerfully creative process where your team can do the hard work it takes to tackle big challenges. We ask you to engage, together, to identify what you do well and what you need to change. We provide training in strategic competencies and we explore best practices.  You will share and learn through group discussions, experiential activities, and guided process. We ask you for respectful honesty, courageous authenticity, and individual accountability. Working together, we expect to co-create personalized solutions that can be implemented immediately to achieve results. Formats can be retreat style or modules spread out over time.
  • Transfer - Follow-up and Support - Through personalized support, we ensure that the learning that has occurred is effectively transferred back to your work (and life)  and that intended outcomes and results are achieved with lasting impact and specific performance measures. 


Examples of past Discovery program themes / outcomes include:

  • organization assessment and strategic planning
  • vision alignment and articulation
  • team performance charter development
  • team celebration / strengths identification
  • culture / values identification
  • conflict discovery and solution strategy
  • merger / change initiative success 



"Success in leadership, success in business, and success in life, has been, is now, and will be the function of how well we work and play together"


Kouzes and Posner 


This dynamic and fun day program consists of a series of customized hands-on activities and initiatives that engage the team in a variety of challenging tasks.


Effective problem solving, clear communication, strong leadership and followership, and planning and implementing, will all determine your teams success. Personalized debrief and lesson applications follow each activity.

  • have fun with your team!
  • create and strengthen relationships
  • practice effective team behaviors in a safe and level playing field outside the office
  • learn and practice new communication tools and strategies
  • become more aware of yourself as a leader and group member
  • explore the concepts and the importance of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and collective success.


Please tell us what you are looking for. We love a challenge and will create something that fits your needs. Let us highlight the best about your team, share tools and information to support your members, and provide an opportunity to practice effective behaviors.


Our debrief and transfer sessions will complete the learning cycle by helping you apply the lessons back in the workplace.


Half day, full day, multiday, whatever is the best fit. Let's talk!

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